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An Introduction to InsuraGuest

Vacation Rental Insurance for property owners, managers, and guests.

Vacation rental insurance is a hot topic for property managers in the short-term rental industry. AI (artificial intelligence) and innovative tech-driven solutions are transforming the current insurance industry model, reshaping policies, claims, underwriting and pricing, and enabling property managers and homeowners to decrease their risk and enhance the guest experience with smart insuretech solutions.

Short-term rental insurance continues to remain a sector of the vacation rental space that is generally misunderstood and mistrusted. First and foremost, vacation rental property managers need to understand the coverage offered by their standard homeowners’ insurance or general liability policy to build the perfect protection for their properties.

A normal homeowners’ policy is designed specifically for an owner occupied property and offers little or no protection for the unique risks that arise when renting out a property on a short-term basis. In addition, the most common insurance plans in the vacation rental industry are designed only to protect the guest during their travels, offering no coverage or protection for the property manager or owner. Vacation rental property owners and managers need an added layer of protection to cover the gap and InsuraGuest have the solution.

InsuraGuest is an innovative insuretech company providing digital insurance solutions and specialized insurance coverage to vacation rental property managers and homeowners across the US. Our custom policies offer a unique product to the vacation rental industry that is competitively priced, adds an extra layer of protection for the property manager and homeowner, reduces the risk factor and enhances the guest experience with extra peace of mind.

InsuraGuest Benefits for the Property Manager

 InsuraGuest is licensed in 50 states, underwritten by A++ carriers and integrated with the industry’s top property management companies for a slick, seamless and smart insurance solution for your vacation rental homes, owners and guests.

  • Covers the Gap: InsuraGuest policies are designed to add an extra layer of protection to your homeowners’ and liability policies, protecting the home, property owner and property management company from claims made by guests.

  • No-Fault Coverage: Insurance claims generally involve proving fault with loads of questions, not with InsuraGuest. No-fault insurance claims are made and paid, regardless of who is at fault with no questions. This not only saves time but removes the potential for a blame game between the property manager and guest.

  • Seamless Integration: Our proprietary software platform integrates with the industry’s top property management software companies and automatically attaches to every reservation in real time. The policy automatically activates on check-in and ends on check-out with a 72 hour period thereafter to report any incidents. Set up is easy! Sign up with InsuraGuest and leave the rest to our team of industry professionals.
  • Stabilize & Reduce your Homeowners’ Coverage: Integrating with InsuraGuest and adding a layer of protection to your homeowners coverage reduces the property risk and lowers your claim ratio, potentially stabilizing and decreasing the costs of your umbrella homeowners’ coverage over time. No more claims on your general liability or homeowners’ policy, claim directly with InsuraGuest at absolutely no cost to the business
  • No Cost to Property Manager: The pricing of the InsuraGuest policy is based on the number of vacation rentals insured and is passed onto the guest. The fees are competitive starting as low as $8.95 per night and integrating with InsuraGuest comes at absolutely no cost to the property manager.
  • No Discrimination: InsuraGuest is designed for each and every one of your guests without discrimination. No guest screening or background checks required, the only information InsuraGuest draws from the PMS to process the policy is the arrival date, departure date and reservation number with complete confidentiality for your guests.

InsuraGuest Benefits for the Traveler & Guest

InsuraGuest protects your business, homeowners, guests and the guest experience! Traveling during a pandemic comes with a higher level of uncertainty and higher expectations from your guests, InsuraGuest has the solution.

  • Guest Experience: Travel anxieties are real and offering your guests the added peace of mind that their stay is protected with a no questions asked, no-fault insurance policy enhances the guest experience. Guests feel safe knowing that if a claim is made, it is paid. A safe, sanitized and secure vacation home with an added layer of protection.
  • Affordable Insurance Coverage: InsuraGuest is competitively priced, affordable and passed onto the guest with no cost to the property manager. The guest is charged a nightly rate ranging from $8.95 to $11.95 dependent on the number of units managed by the property manager. A small price to pay for peace of mind! 
  • InsuraGuest Coverage: InsuraGuest’s no-fault coverage is automatically activated on check-in and offers guest the following coverage until check-out.]
  • Vacation Rental Property & Contents Protection:
    • No-fault Accidental Medical Protection for Guests: Up to $25,000 of accidental medical with no deductible

    • Property Damage Protection: Up to $25,000 in medical benefits for guests who are injured during a stay at your property.

    • Vacation Rental Theft Protection: $2,500 of theft with a $500 deductible (a police report is required for theft claims)

  • Simple & Speedy Claims Process: The claims process is simple and efficient for the property manager and guest with no insurance investigations or questions asked. Claims are processed immediately and paid within days either to the property manager, guest or medical provider. Vacation rental insurance claims have never been this easy.

InsuraGuest is the Nation's leading Vacation Rental Insurance Provider for owners and guests. For a free, friendly no-obligation consultation on how we can help you protect your vacation rental property business and your guests, contact us online today or call our team at (212) 466-6200.

Are you properties protected by InsuraGuest?

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